Buying a Property? These are 3 Portals You Need to Visit

4 Mar 2017 | Tips

Ministry of Housing and Local Government Portal

Ministry of Housing and Local Government portal is a “one stop center” to carry out the main functions of the ministries including developing a national housing agenda through programs such as the construction of affordable housing, including matters relating to local government (PBT), progress and prosperity of the city and programs to eradicate poverty in the city. Link to the website is

The important component in this portal for buyers is the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims for any claim in respect of the sale and purchase of the house. Link here

National Housing Department Portal

This portal involve almost all government services related to housing for the buyers and developers. Many government assistance schemes are managed through this portal and one of them is MyHome scheme that is affordable private housing schemes.

Another important component of this portal is the Housing Loan Scheme with provision of loan application status. Browse for more information.

Public Sector Housing Financing Agency Portal

This portal is a central management application for public housing finance sector. Website link is

Among the main system contained in this portal is public sector funding application system which allow online application and can be made through link

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